Made from 100% finest quality cotton, our Bazin Riche is as soft as it is shiny. Manufactured in Europe using only the best quality Egyptian raw cotton, it has a beautifully supple texture and superior shine. Available in a wide range of popular colours, our Bazin Riche is perfect for coordinating with all our prints. Offering many distinctive designs that are skilfully woven into the fabric, they also feature creative variations of our company initials, ‘DH’.

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Our Privilège range offers an exceptionally soft Bazin Riche that is beautifully shiny. Currently made in 15 bold colours, from deepest black to sunny yellow, it comes in 10 different designs. Perfect for weddings, festivities and any events where you want to shine.

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Made from the most refined, high-grade cotton, our Wax-Couture fabrics stand out for their fine texture and exceptional quality. Soft and supple, you’ll feel the difference in your hands and against your skin. Our Wax-Couture is distinct for its fresh, modern patterns that offer a new range of fashion options. Blending colourful, traditional designs with Parisian couture, our prints are highly original while never losing touch with their origins.

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High in quality and soft to touch, our Gravure range comes in 11 unique designs with 4 different colour combinations. Eye-catching and flowing, our largest range of Wax-Couture is as easy to wear as it is to style. Rich in colour and innovation, our fabrics light up catwalks from Bamako to Paris, showcasing the incredible talents of young African stylists to the world. The perfect choice for a bold alternative.

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Super supple and highly refined, our Prodige range offers the very softest of our Wax-Couture fabrics. Woven and printed in Africa with the finest African cotton, soon available in one classic design and 4 bold colours. High on elegance and finesse, it’s a fabric that has real impact.

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Silky Prints

Our Silky Prints are the lightest fabrics in our collection.  Satiny and floaty, they are perfect for making accessories such as shawls and head wraps, or for lining outfits. Our Silky Prints come in simple, harmonious geometric designs that you can mix and match with your favourite Wax and Bazin Riche.

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A slightly thicker version of our Silky Prints, the Volupté range offers 3 colours - yellow, blue and chili pepper red. An alternative African print, this fabric has a delicate touch that’s perfect for an evening dress or stand-out look.

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Sensual and free flowing, Allure is our very lightest print. Floaty and delicate against the skin, it’s the perfect accessory to any outfit. Available in 10 stunning colours, it easily combines with all items of clothing.

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